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Online Dating Advice and Dating Tips for Women

Women don’t just want advice. We want practical tips on dating and flirting that really work! If you are serious about turning your dating life around and capturing a guy’s interest and KEEPING it, then this might be the most important webpage that you’ll ever read!

What is it about the dating scene that you find so hard? Do you wish you were more attractive? Do you wish you could get more attention? Perhaps there is a particular man that you would like to get to know better… Do you want to break the cycle of bad relationships that you have had and get some answers to what you have been doing wrong? Are you getting back into the dating game and feel like all the rules have changed? Are you tired of being alone?

The silly, useless tricks these women use actually make the men in their lives LESS interested in them. You don’t have to be beautiful, smart or rich, to be successful with men. That is all a LIE. If you believe that lie, you are never going to get anywhere with men. Very few women are born “naturals” when it comes to men. Most women need to be taught what men want and how to be successful with men.

Be Warned:

You may have seen many other dating advice sites for women out there on the Internet. Not all dating advice is created equal! In fact, much of the dating advice for women out there is harmful and/or ineffective! Are these the “revolutionary” groundbreaking techniques that are really going to help you attract the man you want and keep his attention? Or is following their advice and “acting” or dressing in a way you THINK your man is going to like make you look plain cheap and easy?

Dating Advice & Tip #1 – Attraction is Everything

For the last few years I have noticed that a number of people I know find it really hard when they get back into the dating game because they don’t seem to know what to do. And the reason so many of my clients and friends struggle with dating is that the rules and expectations are unclear. Yet despite this, they throw themselves into the dating scene and make the same mistakes over and over again.

Part of the reason for the lack of success that my friends have had is that the rules have changed. Attraction is EVERYTHING. The other reason is that the advice that they are getting is just plain wrong. Yet I still see HUNDREDS of people making these same mistakes week in and week out, going home alone, or ending up in brief and unfulfilling or disastrous relationships. The frustrating thing is that these people never seem to learn from these mistakes.

And why is that?

Because they don’t know that what they are doing is wrong! The advice they are often following is sending men the wrong message, or even worse jeopardizing their chances of success with the man of their dreams!

Free Dating Tips, Techniques, and Strategies (that will make you successful with men!

* You can get more mileage out of playing up your best features than by disguising or hiding your less attractive features.

* Certain colors make you more appealing to men. Sounds odd, but it’s true! There really are colors that you can wear that are going to draw men to you.

* It is usually best if you can make a man feel as if he was the one responsible for approaching you. Discover the easiest way to do this!

* Reasons a guy will want to see you again. Find out what the factor is that is going to lead him to ask you on a second date.

* Keep him interested by using something he told you in the conversation a few minutes later. Guys LOVE to know that you are listening and taking an interest in what they are saying.

* Keep the relationship you’ve got. Yes girls, there are lots of things you can do to keep your relationship hot and spicy!

* Basic self care tips that your guy will notice. Yes, there are some things that will attract a guy’s attention. Find out how to maximize your self care so that you get results!

* Deal with rejection and use it as a learning experience. Turn a negative experience
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