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In the hunter gatherer days, when all a guy needed to do was club a woman over the head and drag her to his cave, there were likely many cave-guys who wondered, “”What do women want?” That question has plagued men for ages. Women simply do not think like guys do. They never have login. They never will.

What women really want
As much as guys might like it, Women really AdultFrinendFinder do not like to do our laundry

Like guys, though, there is a certain predictability AdultFriendrFinder in their actions and thoughts. Believe it or not, there is rationality behind the sometimes apparent insanity of women.

For anyone who has ever asked asked the question “what do women really want?” From our prehistoric man, up to a modern day average guy, this article we are going to demystify some of the things AdultFrienedFinder login that men think women want and tell you what women really want.

To start, it’s important to understand the qualities that naturally attract women. Simply put; these are the attitudes that ALL women want and like in a guy.

The question of “what do women really want?” is certainly not an easy one for many guys. Many men that are go around with login all sorts of mis-guided information. Sometimes they think that women only want to meet some cocky jerk that will sweep them off their feet. Some others think that all women are looking for Prince charming reviews, the romantic guy who attends to their every whim.

The most misguided piece of information that I can think of is men that think that all women want the same thing.

All of the women do not want the same thing, just like every guys doesn’t want the same thing. The best you can manage AdultFrienedFinder is to attract women by generalities. You’re going to have to find out what the woman that you like wants. There are some easy ways that you can do this job.

Find out what your specific girl desires: When you are speaking with a woman you should allow her to talk most the time so that you can find out more about login This is not simply “blind” listening either. It should be active listening.

Let’s face it guys. When most of us listen, are we really listening? If you are honest that is a no. We are either thinking about other things or waiting our, “turn” to speak. Active listing is all about listening with a purpose. To put it in context, most people have at least seen part of a session with a psychologist on television. They are almost always active listeners. They listen. They probe deeper with questions if something is only mentioned on the surface and they really engage.

Simply BEING an active listener will attract many women. But just as importantly doing so will give you everything you need to know about what type of guy she is looking for, what she likes to do and what her goals in life are. When you find out these things you’re going to be much better chance to give her what she really wants.

What Do Women Want- Maybe not You ,,Irresistible object, meet immovable force. Between active listening and scoping out what she desires, you gain a great advantage over most guys. Your chances with most women should be greatly improved. But lets also be honest here. Every girl will not be interested in every guy.

Fortunately by listening this way it also should be pretty easy to tell if a woman that you’re speaking to is interested in a quick short relationship or if she is interested in a long-term length relationship, or even if she wants no relationship at all.

If you’re speaking with this woman and you commonly joke about different things such as marriage or children and she is totally repulsed by that you’re going to know that she is not a long-term relationship type of girl. On the other hand if you say something about going out and having a one night stand and she is very offended at it you’re going to know that this is a woman that is not interested in one night stands.

Get your insight and test the waters. Find out what you are dealing with in the girl you are talking to and see if she is still something that you are interested in.

What do women really want…generally Specifics vary from girl to girl. But the generalities are actually pretty easy even without ever meeting the woman. Women really want someone that is confident and strong in what they believe. They do not want to date someone that is the follower, they want a leader. When you can develop these characteristics you’re much more likely to get a date with more women. Apparent self-confident attitude and a generally “good nature” are the huge attractors to women.

And you need both. Self-confidence without a good nature, is often seen as a arrogant asshole. A good nature without confidence is a nice guy, but no one a girl would want to date. That will stick a guy right in the “friend” zone.

If you are not confident or a leader type you need to start working on this. If there is one thing that all women want this is usually it.

Of course there are women like men that are beaten-down and cowardly but this is usually women that are nasty and abusive. The exact type of women all guys need to avoid. The one who will make of with you money and crush your heart with a stiletto heel.

It is not always about what women want Finding out what women want is a big part of being successful in finding these women. But it is far from everything. Don’t forget it is what you want to. If you are talking to her and everything she says seems to annoy you, it might be time to let the girl go. Even if she seems incredibly hot. Yes, you could possibly be letting a night of carnal desire slip through your fingers, but when you wake up in the morning and you want to chew your arm off like a Fox just to get away from the annoying she-devil, maybe it would have been better just to look for another girl that is more compatible and save yourself time and energy.

While looking for women you should write down a list of the very important things that this woman should have. You could write down certain look or certain types of hobbies or whether she wants kids. Whatever is important to you should be on the list. This should not be a list of what other people think is important however. She doesn’t have to meet every criteria, but a girl should at least nail a few.